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                       Sheepdog Shindig 2013
This past May, Ontario saw what may have been one of the largest gatherings ever of Old English Sheepdogs in Canada.

The first Sheepdog Shindig took place in Niagara-On-The-Lake from May 24 to 26. The inaugural event was not an OESOCC organized event, but several current and former Club members were involved as both organizers and participants and the Club has been asked if we would like to take over for next year. It will be difficult to match the amazing team that organized the 2013 event-they have set a high standard!!
Nearly 60 sheepdogs and their people gathered in the heart of the Niagara wine region. Out-of-town visitors stayed at the very welcoming Niagara College which was mostly staffed by hospitality, culinary, oenology and brew making students. They prepared some terrific meals and held a wine and beer tasting for us and admired and welcomed our sheepdogs.
We started each morning with a grooming workshop given by Amber Dupont. Saturday we had Niagara's recently opened fenced dog park reserved for us and the dogs enjoyed chasing each other around the park. We then took a walk through downtown Niagara-On-The-Lake. We turned many heads as we strolled down the main street with our sheepies!
Saturday afternoon was spent at Tee-Creek Farm, run by Kathy and Dave Warner, who train in a large number of dog sports and herding. About 30 sheepdogs took a herding instinct test and almost all of them passed and showed strong herding instinct! It was wonderful to see that even though our breed today is very rarely bred for working ability, the instinct remains strong. Many attendees said that seeing their sheepdog light up and herd sheep was the highlight of the weekend for them- a few were even teary-eyed. I can well understand as I work on herding with my girls Mady and Gracie, and watching your sheepdog do what it was born to do is absolute bliss. I hope this will encourage more OES owners to get involved with the sport of herding.
The afternoon at the farm also saw an agility demonstration by the amazing Puff Daddy, a Sheepie Kissing Booth with Blueshire's Murphy MacDuff giving out kisses for a donation to rescue, and an auction to raise funds for Old English Sheepdog rescue. We also had a member of the RCMP, in full dress Reds, posing for pictures and getting many sheepie kisses. All of this was followed by a delicious Italian supper.
On Sunday many dogs went to see Niagara Falls. So many sheepdogs together became a tourist attraction in their own right! People LOVE sheepdogs! Sunday afternoon we had a wine-tasting at Konzelmann's winery with the dogs! It was so lovely, sitting in a gorgeous vineyard, with a lovely view of the lake, drinking wine while our sheepies lounged on the cool grass. It was heaven! There were many other activities and a lot of sheepdog playtime, the first ever Sheepdog Shindig was an enormous success!


Our 2013 National Specialty was held at Calgary, Alberta, on July 13, 2013.

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Sheepdog Shindig 2013
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Blueshire’s Murphy McDuff’s Sheepie Kissing Booth at Sheepdog Shindig, raising money for rescue!
Blueshire’s Murphy McDuff’s Sheepie Kissing Booth at Sheepdog Shindig, raising money for rescue!
Blueshire’s Murphy McDuff’s Sheepie Kissing Booth at Sheepdog Shindig, raising money for rescue!